Month: April 30, 2020

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Home in Coral Springs

When it comes to your living situation as an adult you are usually stuck having to pick between either owning a home or renting a home. Each option has its pros and cons; however, what matters is what option is going to be a better fit for you. Owning and renting both come with there own responsibilities, the important question to ask if which set of responsibilities you feel comfortable adding on to your plate. Many people see owning as an initial better move for them because that is what everyone else does, get married, have kids, and buy a house. This option also sounds appealing to many because it gives them a place to set up shop with their family. Not to mention that owning a home can be…
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How to Set a Budget for Buying Your First Home in Coral Springs

When it comes to buying your first home and officially becoming a homeowner there’s probably a lot of thoughts running through your head. One of the common thoughts that everyone thinks about is how much they should be spending on their first home. To be fair, there’s always the golden rule that you should not spend what you cannot afford; however, this magical number that you should not surpass can become altered after learning the reality of how expensive home is, and we are not just talking about the initial price you can expect to pay. Owning a home comes with other expenses further down the line such as pool services (if your home has a pool), pest control, insurance for natural disaster coverage, trash pickup, and so on. These…
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What are the Perks of Owning a Home in Coral Springs, Fl?

So you just made it official, you can now call yourself a homeowner! This is always an indescribable feeling for families and individuals across the country.  Owning a home is one of those things that are on almost everyone’s life to-do list. Not only is this a life milestone but it is also simply exciting to add another large item to your list of possessions, sort of like when we all got our first car. When you become a homeowner you are gaining a lot of benefits besides that fact you now own a home. It is an equally exciting and confusing time for many people, especially if it’s the first home you have ever owned. But no need to be alarmed, your experts at Ace Mortgage Services are here…
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3 of the Most Common Mortgage Mistakes Made in Coral Springs

At Ace Mortgage Services we want to be the first to say congratulations for considering purchasing your first home. This is no easy feat and is a hard-earned accomplishment. Along with our good wishes, we want to give you a few tips on mortgages and how to avoid making 3 of the most common mortgage mistakes. The excitement of being a homeowner is an indescribable feeling, you are finally checking off part of your adult life to-do list. Owning a home no matter how big or how small is something to celebrate, but it can also be something that clouds your judgment. Once you decide that this is something you are going to do you probably have become determined to do it no matter what. You should know that while…

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