Month: June 22, 2021

FHA Loan

Why an FHA Loan Might be the Best Option for You

Getting an FHA loan makes it possible for many South Florida residents to find the home of their dreams. This loan was designed specifically for anyone with low to moderate incomes.    While you may not qualify for a conventional loan, an FHA loan could be the answer you are looking for.   We’ll explain everything you need to know about an FHA loan in this article.    If you think after reading this that an FHA loan might be in your best interest, contact us to set up an appointment. Ace Mortgage Loan Corp has been serving Broward County residents since 1996. We have helped people from Parkland to Davie find the right mortgage to fit their budget. What is an FHA loan? The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures…
Low Mortgage Interest in Pompano Beach, FL | Low Mortgage Interest

Take Advantage of Historically Low Mortgage Interest Rates in Pompano Beach

Mortgage interest rates are historically low these days, currently at 3% in 2021. According to the Federal Reserve, they plan to keep interest rates low until 2023. Unfortunately, the current financial forecast tells a different story.  Overall trends indicate that rates are more likely to increase by the end of the summer rather than go down. Some experts expect to see modest increases, while others are less hopeful.  Nobody can tell what the future will look like, but if you haven’t taken advantage of low mortgage interest in Pompano Beach, FL, now is the time to start. The following strategies are ways that homeowners can take advantage of these reduced interest rates to secure loans with lower interest rates and meet their financial goals. Contact Ace Mortgage so we can…
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Why Coral Springs Homeowners are Getting or Refinancing Their Mortgage

Interest rates are currently around 3 percent. It has been almost a decade since interest rates were this low. As a result, this is a good time for homeowners to take out their first mortgage to buy a home or refinance their mortgage.  You can save more on your monthly mortgage payments. It’s important that homeowners act quickly because these low-interest rates won’t stay around forever.  In fact, the rate is expected to increase slightly by the end of summer 2021. Don't waste any more time - contact Ace Mortgage, the best mortgage company in Coral Springs.  Let our team of experienced home lenders navigate you through an otherwise complex mortgage market.   Buy Your Home in Coral Springs  Since most prospective homeowners do not have hundreds of thousands of…
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Why Pompano Beach Homeowners Are Getting or Refinancing Their Mortgage

The Federal Reserve has decreased interest rates in an effort to stimulate economic growth. What does that mean for Pompano Beach homeowners? Now is a great time to secure a mortgage to buy a home or refinance your current mortgage. These historically low-interest rates won’t stay low forever. In fact, rates are expected to increase by the end of the summer of 2021. Contact Ace Mortgage to take advantage of reduced Pompano Beach mortgages. With 25 years of industry experience, we have made it our mission to build relationships and understand the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today for our quality mortgage services. Time to buy a home in Pompano Beach.  Most prospective homeowners must secure a mortgage before buying a home. Essentially, a mortgage is a loan…

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