Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

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Mortgage payments are by far one of the most costly parts of life and take many years to finally pay off. This is what draws people to refinancing and as far as our team at Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. goes, it’s not a bad idea. Refinancing can be an excellent option for those who are looking to lower payments. This is done when the homeowner wants a lower interest rate or wants to switch the terms so that the process of paying off the mortgage can be altered. In other words, the payment can be spaced out more or even sped up if you can pay off the mortgage sooner than expected. At Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. we can help you figure out what is the best move for you and if refinancing can help your financial situation. We know that refinancing can be a big decision, but it doesn’t need to be a hard one with us on your side. Check us out today in Coral Springs, Florida to learn more about how our services can help you and your situation.


Pros of Refinancing

The majority of people who refinance choose to do because of the lower interest rate. This means that their monthly mortgage payments are going to be significantly lower, a huge help to those who found the monthly payment far too high before. Lower monthly payments are also a great option for those who want to focus on paying off any kind of debt rather than their mortgage, such as student loan debt. This situation can also work the other way around for those who want to turn a 20-year mortgage plan to say a 10-year mortgage plan. You can lower the time and pay more each month, making the mortgage paid off quicker for those who afford to do so. Doing this will fast track you to being debt-free. Another perk that refinancing can give you is that it can combine two mortgages into one. This will give you the convenience of a single payment each month rather than two or more. People tend to choose this option in those situations because it does not lower the equity on the home besides any closing costs you may have rolled into the loan.


Cons of Refinancing

When you refinance you do make a situation a lot easier on your shoulders; however, you will have to repay the closing costs. You also might have other smaller fees to pay such as an application fee and a loan origination fee. These fees are in place for you to go through the process of refinancing while the closing cost fee is just more of the effect of you deciding to refinance. This may not be a burden on everyone who decides to refinance, but it should still be considered when deciding to do so or not. At Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. we usually recommend people go through with the refinancing as long as it will be beneficial for them in the long run. This makes the closing costs worthwhile. Although, every situation is unique and should be talked out with a lender before any decisions are made.


If you have considered refinancing as an option before but are not convinced that it’s the best move for you then it’s a good idea to get more information. At Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. we would love to sit down with you and talk about your options. Once we sit down and discuss your situation we can get a better idea of what numbers we are working with and what other costs you have each month. It’s important to us that when we sit down with you and your family that you have all of the information. This is because the fees associated with refinancing may make it not worth it for you. On the other hand, if the fees aren’t too bad and refinancing is worth it then you’ll be glad you have peace of mind proceeding. To learn more about Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. and our services you can give us a call today at (954) 777-4774. We are looking forward to chatting with you!

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