Apply for a Mortgage in Pompano Beach – Home to the World’s Best Beach

Imagine living in a coastal town that’s home to the best beach in – not only Florida – but the world. Welcome to Pompano Beach – the “Heart of the Gold Coast.” Money Magazine just recently crowned Pompano Beach as having the best beach out of 14 named beaches, based on waterfront amenities and affordability. Who wouldn’t want to live here? Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation is ready to help you get there with a mortgage in Pompano Beach.

Secure a Mortgage in Pompano Beach Before Home Prices Rise Even Further

A new report from the Florida Association of Realtors shows that home sale prices in South Florida continue to rise. So, you may want to make that move sooner, rather than later. And whether you’re looking to purchase a new home, investment property, business property or if you’re refinancing, Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation can help. We can assist you with securing a loan from the following list of mortgages and more:

  • FHA (Federal Housing Administration)
  • Harp (Home Affordable Refinance Program)
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • VA Home Loan

To move the process along quicker, we advise you to get pre-qualified for your purchase. Pre-approval from a lender gives you an estimate on how much you can afford to spend. During this process, the lender checks for several items for verification, including your credit, income or proof of employment, federal tax returns, a list of your assets, and a state-issued photo ID driver’s license or an ID card.

Afterward, we’ll sit down with you and go over the options for a mortgage, as explained above. We’ll also discuss down payments, interest rates, closing costs, time frames, and more.

It’s time to lock in a price and get a mortgage before home prices rise even further. Call Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation at 954-777-4774 for a mortgage in Pompano Beach. And get ready to bask in the sun on the world’s best beach! Enjoy!

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