With national mortgage rates reaching 4% recently, the refinancing boom of the past few years is about to be over. Big banks have done very well thanks to the huge number of people who refinanced their mortgage. Higher interest rates means less refinancing and the question is how will banks respond to the drop in revenue? Many banks opened up whole new offices to handle the number of refinancing mortgages, but those offices won’t have much to do with interest rates where they are. If rates remain at 4% and above, some banks may have to lay off the extra staff to save some money.

Another interesting side effect of higher interest rates is that many lenders will open up to a wide base of potential homeowners. Approving mortgages to those who don’t have the credit is what led to the housing bubble financial crisis in the first place, but don’t expect banks to lower their standards to 2007 –like levels. Approving mortgages for people who are close to the required credit isn’t terribly risky and can actually help improve the housing market and boost the economy.

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