Joseph N

Thank you for reaching out. That is very much appreciated. Ms. Kelly Ardito did a great job! She explained everything in multiple ways to help me fully understand the information I was asking about and answers that she had given me.
She did also explain different scenarios dealing with rates, mortgages, closing cost, taxes, including the many ways to purchase homes through real estate agency’s or private property owner’s and much more. She also followed up with emails involving any home inquiries, purchasing, and how it all breaks down in the end. She also informed me I was able to call morning to night if I had further questions. Very pleased with your representative Kelly Ardito. Patient, professional, understanding, information given with clarity to reduce any confusion or concerns, and happy to answer any and all questions I had. Overall satisfaction scaling 1-10, I would give her a 10 out of 10 for being simply awesome at her job!

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