What Exactly Is a Conventional Loan?

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Conventional Mortgage

What Exactly Is a Conventional Loan?

A conventional loan is a simple and straightforward type of borrowing at a fixed interest rate. It can be either secured or unsecured, depending on how it was originated. A secured loan is backed by collateral in exchange for the loans and there is no danger of default unless specifically detailed in the agreement. An unsecured loan does not require any collateral to be given in exchange for the loan, making it a riskier transaction for the lender.

This kind of loan is a short-term investment that can be used by a person or entity to fund anything from an emergency economic event to a major purchase. Interest rates are higher on these types of loans than on other types of loans.

Benefits of This Type of Loan

A conventional loan is a good type of loan to take out if you need money immediately or if you need funds in a short amount of time. As stated above, the interest rate on these loans is generally higher than other types of loans, but the speed in which funds can be obtained makes up for this increased cost.

Personal Loans, Auto Loans, and Credit Cards all fall into this type of loan category. The application process is different for each type of loan and the qualifications vary based on each lender.


1. Fast Processing

If you are in need of cash immediately, it is always a good choice. It is easy to apply for and funds can often be obtained in as quickly as one business day.

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2. Flexibility on Amount and Type of Loan

You can use this kind of loan for any purpose. You do not necessarily have to use it for something that you cannot fund with a credit card. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can use it as an option to bridge the gap between paychecks if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

You can also use these loans for big purchases or even plans for the future without putting your credit at risk. Your credit rating should not be adversely affected by taking out a loan.


3. Convenient

When you get a loan, you do not need to leave your home and you do not need to find an office or other venue in which to meet with the lender. This is convenient because it saves time, travel costs, and money in general.


4. Ease of Use

Any individual can decide to use this type of loan without needing any special paperwork or additional verification from a third party.


How to Get One

You can apply for a loan in person at a brick-and-mortar bank, but this is not the only option available to you. Today, you can also apply for loans online through an entirely electronic process that usually takes just a few minutes to complete, depending on the lender and availability of funds. Ace mortgage serves clients within Coral Springs, FL and we offer our customers with competitive financial knowledge.


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