What Mortgage Companies Are the Most Helpful in Delray Beach?

At Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation, we work hard to keep our clients best interest at heart. When it comes to finding the best mortgage companies, there are many options that have different values at the forefront of their company. When we find mortgages for our clients we make sure each lender is licensed and qualified. Loans vary depending on the home and the borrower. Let Ace Mortgage find the perfect mortgage in Delray Beach for you. A few of the mortgages we deal with include the following:

  • One year adjustable rate: the first year of your loan has a reoccurring rate until the next year rolls around. Because your interest changes by the year, your monthly payments will most likely change along with it. While the interest is likely to change throughout the years, your interest is still lower than a fixed mortgage.
  • Interest only mortgage: Instead of making payments on a home, you are getting the interest out of the way first. It takes about 5 years to handle the interest. However, once the payment is paid off, you can refinance your home.
  • Reverse mortgage: For those individuals who are 62 years of age and older, reverse mortgage allows them to turn their home equity into cash. Instead of making monthly payments to the lender, the lender is giving money to the borrower.
  • Balloon mortgage: These mortgages are normally short term because the borrower is only paying off part of the mortgage in payments. Once the payments are finished, the owner must pay off the remaining amount in one large payment. Balloon mortgages are like the interest only mortgages, considering the entire amount is not being paid through the loans.

When considering the right mortgage for you, there are options everywhere. However, before you can choose the best mortgage, you must find the best mortgage company. Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation is one of the best options in Delray Beach. Please contact us at (954) 777-4774 for a free consultation to see what we mean.

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