Why Is Now the Best Time to Refinance in Coral Springs?

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Home prices throughout South Florida are rising thanks to the influx of people moving into the area.

Every day an average of 1,000 people are moving to Florida from states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, and Illinois. These trends are causing demand for housing to go up, and the markets are strong for home prices.

Your home is the biggest investment you will make, and you want to ensure that you are doing things to benefit you the most. Refinancing is one way of saving you money and giving you more flexibility in your finances. We look at why now is the best time to refinance in Coral Springs and how it will give you more.

Save Money

Interest rates are at historic lows, and you have seen an appreciation in the value of your home (i.e., equity). You can reduce your interest rates, mortgage payments and have more to invest in the home. Refinancing allows you to tap into increased values, and pay off other debts, or make improvements.

Statistics show that the average homeowner that is refinancing lowered their mortgage rates by 1.25%. These reductions saved them hundreds of dollars a month in mortgage payments to create more disposable income.

You can use this savings to make improvements to the home and increase the value of the property right away. For example, if your house needs a new roof, refinancing and tapping into the equity gives you a large sum of money.

The low-interest rates and strong housing market give you the ability to save money and receive a lump sum from the equity.

Ace Mortgage can get you the lowest interest rates and the best terms for refinancing your home. Our mortgage experts know what to do to help you save money and benefit from the increases in its value. We have been assisting homeowners since 1996 to receive the best terms and become a source they can trust.

Get a Different Loan

Refinancing is one way of changing a home loan to match your life circumstances.

For example, ten years ago, you bought your house with an adjustable-rate mortgage after the Financial Crisis. You did not have good credit and were willing to pay more to buy the property.

However, you are now more stable and plan on staying in your home for many years to come. If you refinance, you can change from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed one. You will lower your house payments and keep everything at the same level in the future. You never have to worry about your house payment going up with rising interest rates.

We recommend refinancing in Coral Springs to get into a different mortgage with better interest rates and terms.

Ace Mortgage is the expert that will help you to find the right mortgage for your situation. Our clients give us five-star reviews, and we will make your refinancing easy.

Choice of Lender

Refinancing your home means that you build up your credit and choose the lender you want. The increases in home values and lowering of interest rates show that financial institutions are ready to help you.

For instance, when you bought your home seven years ago, the lending standards were tougher. The dramatic decrease in interest rates, staying in the home and making your mortgage payments make you sought after. Lenders are looking for borrowers who will pay the mortgage and honor the terms.

Lenders are willing to refinance your loan because of your consistency and track record. You will have various lenders that want your business and are eager to give you more. You choose which lender gives you the most to hold and service the loan.

We recommend doing a refinance in Coral Springs to have more flexibility on the lending institutions.

Ace Mortgage works with many different lenders and will compare the different rates to find you the best ones. We will help you find the right loan with the best financial institutions.

Refinance Your Home Now

These are some of the reasons why you want to refinance your home now and how it can help you. Call Ace Mortgage today at 954-637-7012, and see how we can help you realize these advantages.

Now is an excellent time to refinance, and interest rates are at historical lows. You can take advantage of this to improve your financial situation and give you more. Ace Mortgage is the expert on refinancing, and we will make everything easy.

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