Day 1 Certainty from a Mortgage Lender in Davie

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae released a program known as Day 1 Certainty a year and a half ago, which gave lenders more confidence and security, while simultaneously helped borrowers save time on their loan application. Though this was expected to be adopted over time, nobody thought that it would take off as substantially as it did. What exactly does Day 1 Certainty offer? As a mortgage lender in Davie, we’re here to give you the basics.  

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 What exactly does Day 1 Certainty provide to borrows and lenders? First of all, this program offers Fannie Mae customers with reducing risks for lenders, while giving customers a much better experience. It also validates the loan application immediately and can provide lenders with a quicker loan data that will ultimately make the verification process more manageable.   

Additionally, we know that the world is going digital and the same is true for lenders and Fannie Mae. Customers also appreciate the use of digital components, as it gives ease in an otherwise messy amount of paperwork.  Now, borrowers can deal with all of their bank statements, investment statements, and paystubs digitally, which can really speed up the process for everyone.  

At Ace Mortgage Loan Corp., we’ve been in business since 1996, and though many of our competitors have vanished, we’ve managed to keep with the times as the world progresses and moves through new and exciting phases. Though Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty is relatively new, it is a prime example of how the future may affect a mortgage lender in Davie and his or her clients. If you’re currently looking for Davie lenders, call Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. and see how we can make your home buying process as easy and as quick as possible.  

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