September 18, 2023
Thanks to you and to Scott for all the hard work was for making this another smooth transaction for Paola and I. Have a great evening.

Danny R

R. Maldonado CLIENT

July 19, 2023
I recently had the pleasure of working with Kelly Ardito and her amazing team during my home buying journey.

From the very beginning, Kelly displayed an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism. She took the time to understand my unique financial situation and specific needs, which immediately put me at ease. Throughout the entire process, she demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to finding the best solutions for me, and she never hesitated to provide valuable insights and advice to make informed decisions.

One of the things that truly impressed me was Kelly’s responsiveness. No matter the time of day or day of the week, she was always available to answer my calls and texts. Even during after-hours and weekends, Kelly and her team were there to provide the support I needed, showing their unwavering dedication to their clients. This level of accessibility and attentiveness made me feel like a top priority, and it greatly reduced the stress that can often come with such an important financial decision.

Kelly’s ability to navigate through the complexities of the lending process was nothing short of remarkable. She effortlessly guided me through each step, making sure I understood every detail along the way.

I must also commend Kelly’s team, who worked tirelessly alongside her. Their collective efforts and seamless coordination ensured that nothing fell through the cracks, and they demonstrated a level of professionalism that is rare to find in the industry. They took me to the finish line with unmatched determination.

If you are in need of a loan officer who genuinely cares about her clients, is highly knowledgeable, and is willing to go the extra mile, look no further than Kelly and her team. They have set the bar high for excellence in their field, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking mortgage assistance.

Thank you, Kelly, for your exceptional service.


I have probably done over 25 loans in my life (Libors, 3/5/7/10 year arms, my good friend is a mortgage broker) and I can honestly say this is the best customer service I have ever had. You are so thoughtful, thorough and prompt. I really appreciate all of your help with this and your responses to my questions.

Kinisha CLIENT

Hi Kelly & Scott, A most sincere THANK YOU for your utmost professionalism, time, patience and caring approach to client services. Hands down, you all have been the easiest, most helpful and efficient service providers we’ve dealt with during this process. If you ever need a testimonial, please feel free to connect with me. And, I will certainly send business your way. And, if any burning questions come up soon, I will certainly come knocking 🙂 Thank you again, and all the very best for both you.


I just want to start by saying that Kelly went above and beyond to help us purchase our first home! With having less than perfect credit…actually downright horrible credit! Kelly was able to guide us through a step-by-step plan to get our credit exactly where it needed to be to purchase our home in record time. As soon as our credit hit the right score, we received pre-approval 24 hours later! Kelly held our hand through every step and we were able to close our loan in 3 weeks!!
Even when the loan was closed on Kelly’s end, she still dragged the title agent to the finish line to make sure everyone was able to walk away happy. We did not have a realtor, so Kelly went the extra step to make sure everyone was on the ball. We cannot thank Kelly enough! We were turned down by other brokers for our credit score. Kelly rolled up her sleeves and helped us tackle it as a team. We love Ace Mortgage and don’t know if we would ever be where we are now without them!


After having to do my homework due to a terrible experience I had with my previous (and only, never again) real estate agent, another RETAIL BANKER put me in touch with Scott. Him and Kelly not only made themselves available at all times for all my questions and needs, but they helped me close on my purchase in less than a month. They are very professional, very knowledgeable,very nice to talk to and very respectful. I had gone half way through the process with another lender and a real estate agent, and I actually lost my initial credit report and appraisal money -which is standard- because neither alerted me of important aspects, relevant to my specific case. Anyway, I know -from my own research- that the preapproval is a “bona fide” (which means good faith), conditioned document, meaning it is contingent on the applicant meeting certain basic requirements, like credit score, which is nowhere to be verified, unless a payment of a fee to the credit bureaus is made, so lady, nobody tricked you or your client, that is how it works. Anyway, i took the time to share my experience because this company deserves the credit and praises. I would recommend anyone to them, as I know they would be in great hands.


I want to thank you for your quick and highly detailed responses. I greatly appreciate the change in service from what I received from Quicken. Based on the information you have provided me, I think it best for me to wait until I can get my debt to income ratio down. I really don’t want to jump into a mortgage for a place that I am not going to like (condo). I really want a house and those are hard to find at the mortgage amount based on my DTI ratio. I don’t have any outlook in the near future of increasing my income and the people that could cosign for me (parents) already have an FHA mortgage in their name. So I will just work on paying down those student loans. I will definitely be coming back to you when I am ready. Again, thank you for the superb service that you provided and I will talk to you again soon.

Robert C. CLIENT

Dear Scott and Kelly, Just a quick note of thanks to the both of you. This transaction was emotional and sometimes intense, and from a financing standpoint, not an easy one to do, but you made it happen to the immense benefit of the Fasciana family. Both Gaby and I appreciated the open communication that made this whole thing flow. I would love to know more about your practice in terms of programs you handle and client profiles you like to work with. Obviously, you know how to get business owners approved, but if there are other niches you work in let me know. I hope to be able to work with you again in the near future. Again, thank you very much and if there is anything I can ever do for you both, please let me know.


After trying Bank of America, Quicken Loans etc. etc. for a second home mortgage, I had the best, most professional, most efficient experience and obtained a much larger loan with : SCOTT OSHER ACE MORTGAGE LOAN CORP. 10181 WEST SAMPLE ROAD – SUITE 206 CORAL SPRINGS, FL. 33065 954-777-4774 After wasting over a month with Bank of America and time and money with Quicken Loans, I called Scott. He and his processor Kelly Ardito got us approved and closed in three weeks! They know what they are doing and don’t waste your time or money. If Beachfront agents need a lender that will get the job done, have them call Scott. Both Scott and Kelly his processor are always available 24/7! Please shout from the rooftops to use ACE Mortgage!! I’m telling you they will save many deals for our clients that may not have gotten loans through other lenders.


Thank you so much for all your help and assistance every step of the way. Both you and your assistant were just wonderful to work with. I appreciated your responsiveness and reassurances during the process. It will probably be some time before I buy another property, but when I do, I will certainly ask for your help again.

Sylvens A. CLIENT

I can say that without your tremendous effort, our dream would not be coming true. We’re very grateful for your help, your determination, and your professionalism. You will be receiving more clients from my business who are planing on starting the loan process after filling income tax. And it will be even more when I passed my real estate exam.


Scott, you and your office are amazing. The service, the professionalism, and the speed, are all incredible. I have been doing many refinancing, new loans, etc, and it was never that smooth. You really earned my business and Igal’s too. I’ll refer people to you no doubt about it.


Good morning Kelly, How are you? Yesterday the process was definitely ended. And your had work has paid off. I would to thank you everything that you have been done. You are incredible woman. I’ve never met someone like you with a such dynamism that is totally incomparable. I send a friend of mine to contact you. His name is Anilus and I will send you two more guys. They have all the office number but I told them what to prepare before contacting you. Thank you so much.


I wanted to take the time to say Thank You to you both for all the hard work you put in on this loan. If it helps the buyers are over the moon at the ending results. Even with the overseeing of a nervous agent (seller’s agent not always me) you guys kept composer and got the job done. Again thank you.

Nikolas H. CLIENT

Scott & Kelly, I wanted to take a minute to thank you both for your diligence and understanding in working to complete this mortgage process. I can be somewhat bullish dealing with delays and I appreciate your patience in facilitating the road to closing. Scott – you were all over this deal and the other properties I was looking at from the start. Very solid and prompt through it all. If there is any sort of performance review survey, I would be more than happy to deliver the highest praises. I may bash the new lending laws and government stipulations but the service from your office was top-notch, indeed. Again, many thanks!

Ceiffawn CLIENT

First, I’d like to thank your team for orchestrating our closing. This was the most important investment my Husband and I have made and we could not have done it with you all of your knowledge and assistance. We cannot thank you all enough for your hard work and tireless effort. As we are slowly transitioning into home ownership and reorganizing our lives, as you can imagine there are a number of things we need to have set up. We have been asked to provide our “HUD” paperwork to the water company, and while we have gone through the stacks of paperwork we signed on Friday, neither of us can identify exactly which form the HUD is. If possible, can you please forward a copy of the correct HUD documents so that we may complete the water setup. Again, thank you for everything your amazing team did to make our dream of being a homeowner come true!


Good morning Kelly, I want to thank you for helping my dream-of-becoming-a-home-owner become a reality. You warned me about the frustrations, the fights, the sweat and tears. Yet, through it all, you, Scott and your office always showed me extreme class and professionalism. I’m forever grateful for all that! I was hoping to including some pictures of the house along with the joy and stability it brought to my family. But that would delay my “Thank you” note :). I will send them another time. Thank you for working with Larry, who was a great guide and teacher to me throughout the process. You were always available to assist Neil, who tirelessly searched and went all over the county for a safe and secure place for me. I look forward to working with you again in the near future towards bigger accomplishments. Until then, I wish you all the best.


Hello and Good Afternoon, I would like to take this time to let you know what an amazing experience I had working with Kelly Ardito. She toke me step by step threw the process, which to any first time home buyer it means a lot. We originally received a quote for a mortgage with one of the big banks, which was higher then what Kelly quoted us. Despite the bank trying to lower their price, we chose to go with the person who was going above and beyond to help us get our house; Kelly! Thanks to Kelly we were able to close on our FIRST HOME in about a month. Ace Mortgage’s Kelly is a top notch person ready to assist with loans. Extremely Thankful For Kelly!


Scott, Thank you. I plan on staying way under to be practical and save money. I need time to explore the area and this is a means to own versus paying thousands of dollars in rent. Please have a wonderful evening. I never experienced such outstanding superlative communication and efficiency.


Hi Scott and Kelly, The closing went great. I want to thank you both for your exceptional professionalism and outstanding communication skills throughout this entire process. I will definitely recommend your company to everyone as well as leave positive reviews online as well. My wife, kids and i are suuper happy with our new home. Thank you.


Scott & Kelly – I want to let you know how appreciative Jodi and I are of all the work that went into getting this loan done. We are just now settling into our new house and we are so excited about fixing it up and personalizing it. Have a great Fourth of July and thanks for your time and effort.

Martin and Laura CLIENT

Hi Scott and Kelly Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your help in our loan and to wish you and your families a very happy holiday. We have moved in and unpacked most of our boxes and even got a few holiday decorations up. Could not have done it without your hard work. With much thanks

Michelle CLIENT

Hi Scott. I found out the house I was considering is sold. I will be keeping my eye out and if another house comes our way I will call you. We are not really in the market as we are happy in our current home but open if the situation presents itself. I found you to be very calming and knowledgeable. Thanks for all the info I’m so thankful we have a option in your company.


Dear Kelly and Scott, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. You both went above and beyond your duties in getting my loan done. After getting injured in 2011 and becoming permanently disabled i had to take a builders loan from peter.I have had 3 different homes and loans before that were never late and paid off in full but after being injured i had to go with a private loan. It has been a worry from day one knowing in the back of my mind that there was a balloon payment in 5 years that could have forced me and my family out of our home. I’m sure as you have heard from more then one person that (the lender) is not a real nice man to deal with and having a mortgage held over my head by him has kept me up plenty of nights.All the work you have done has been like the house i live in being lifted off my shoulders and i can breath again. I cant say enough wonderful things about both Kelly and Scott and your the perfect team. I would and will recommend you both to anyone i know and if there is anything i can ever do for you to show my gratitude and appreciation please don’t hesitate to ever ask me. ACE MORTGAGE IS THE VERY BEST AND KELLY AND SCOTT ARE EVEN BETTER. A thousand thank you’s.


Hi Kelly, Its been more than 6 months since we started our journey hunting for our dream home in this difficult market full of surprises and hold ups or new rules and measurements that make it a little more extensive and tedious to go through but, having you and Mr. Osher all this time made it possible for us to go through a very pleasant experience even though there were so many points we needed to fix or postpone, you guys made this experience much more like it was family helping each other. It is true that we had some nights we could not get some sleep thinking about if we would or we would not get approved but at the end we know that we have done all we could to comply and we will continue to do so for the time we go through this process regardless of the outcome. We know it is a huge responsibility to keep a mortgage but we are two hard-working people that went to some bumps earlier this year (that is why Cynthia missed work for a month) but before we started this journey we both compromised to do whatever it takes to have our dream home and to live a modest life but on our little palace. Maybe it is not much for others but our home is all we have ever dreamed for and we will do all required to meet all requirements in order for our dream to come true, we also understand that there could be things that escape from our hands but at this point there is only one thing to say because it felt like we have known each other forever and its just a few months together: Thank you for standing by our side, for fighting fiercely for us, for being always there with all we needed because it made us believe that you were actually fighting for your own home, and it if happens for us it will always be your home too! Thank you Kelly and Scott for the outstanding out of this world exceptional service experience we had!


Scott/Kelly, Thanks for making this happen and for the persistence! This transaction considered for me as one of the “most complicated by insignificance” deals ever (hands down). A Freddie Mac REO deal financed by an FHA loan I will never forget. Mario and his family are in possession of the property… All the best.


Hi Scott: I have to congratulate Kelly for the great job she is doing keeping me informed of what’s happening, responding quickly to my e-mails with courtesy and speaks in a very diplomatic way. Of course you have been kind and great to me too What small token can I send her ? Thanks.

Juliana CLIENT

Thanks a lot Scott it is true I worked really hard trying to do everything they ask me to do and make it happen! Finally I can say it is officially My House and I know you and Kelly probably have gray hair because of me and my 50 million phone calls but finally I can say it was worth the effort and time 🙂 best reason to be thankful this year on thanksgiving and again thanks a lot for everything.


Hi Kelly, This is great, appreciate the docs with all the info, very helpful!! And the title company already contacted me, we are schedule to close Tues, 1/20 at 5pm-at our house. You & Scott have been great to work with. We’ve been through a few new purchases & refi’s, which are usually painful. This time around the process was painless as you made the process easy. I appreciate all the communication throughout the process! My mother in law may be looking to mortgage her home in Palm City. If she decides to, I will refer her to you. Thank you!

Cynthia CLIENT

We have they keys and the hud with a million papers more in our hands, we both know that finally the house is ours, that its done and there is nothing else for us to do because the house is finally ours at last. somehow, I woke up still in desbelief of what just happened mostly cor the epic days we had gone through and all the work you and Mr. Osher did to push this through and even though I am an ignorant about all it entails for a bank to fund and be approved, i can say that because of the back and forth with UW and all the struggle we put you through because of these loans, the credit,the job, the income,the title, the fly that flew and the moon not being aligned right for the bank you and Scott somehow made us a miracle, it is a miracle and this is a story that will remain in our hearts forever as the most important,intense and amazing experience of our lives because in life, it only happens when the right people is sent to you. you and scott are our forever right people and we are forever thankful for the fight and the effort for a home that felt it was for your own, like we were family in all this. forever thankful to kelly and scott for making dreams come true.


Hi Scott and Kelly, You are both an endangered species! The fact that you are following up on a client who chose to go elsewhere is amazing. Most lenders would have forgotten about us the moment we moved on. From the beginning, not only were you responsive to our plight, but you were so efficient in handling, processing, and providing the necessary loan. The one deciding factor was the rate (3.2%) that we were able to get from the Credit Union which had also refinanced our home in 2009. Because they still had a record of many of our documents from 2009, it was a matter of updating only the current info. Our closing will be held next Wednesday, which is ahead of the deadline we were facing of February 28th. The other facilitating factor in expediting our CU loan was that Kelly answered ALL of my questions. She was so patient with me and my many inquiries. . . this provided a solid foundation for me as I pursued the new loan. Both of you have been so accommodating, and I am very thankful that you were instrumental in my being successful. Please know that we have spoken highly of both of you when the subject of refinancing has come up with relatives and friends. Thank you, again, for your wonderful, helpful service and for this follow-up. I wish you both the BEST for this year.


Kelly & Scott, Just wanted to send you both a quick note saying thank you so much for all you have done for our family. After what we went through with BOA, we were weary indeed and since then, you both have delivered above and beyond our expectations. Your office has worked very efficiently and we have felt taken care of throughout the whole process. What a difference from where I was a month ago. Thank you for using your jobs as way to serve people in this community. In the high stakes and high stress industry you’re in, it’s no small thing to make the people you serve feel as cared for as we’ve experienced. Again, can’t thank you enough.

Christina CLIENT

Mr. Osher, Darrell and my experience working with you guys has been great. You and Kelly have made things pretty simple for us to understand which goes a long way because we are first time home buyers. We are extremely pleased with how easy you guys have made the process for us and we can only hope that Ivania will share the same feelings once she is done with her process.


Dear Scott, I would like to thank you and Kelly for all the work you did on our mortgage re-financing. We were pleasantly surprised by the entire process: • It happened much quicker than we thought possible • The interest rate we got was lower than you originally estimated • The monthly payment was less than you had estimated in your good-faith estimate • The amount of money required/received back at closing was better than we had expected Your team made the entire process very easy for us, closed in less time than we expected, with a better interest rate and lower monthly payment! Thanks again for all of your hard work, we would recommend you to anybody!


Just a few lines to thank you all for assisting me in my quest to purchase my unit in The WaterGarden. It has been a goal of mine since the building was built over 9 years ago and without your diligence, it would still be on my Bucket List. While I myself posed some challenges, we had a few tense moments and hurdles along the way – You made it happen and I realize that without all your efforts it may not have been possible – I am truly grateful to each of you and do not take your efforts for granted. Wishing you all the best and wishing myself the opportunity to do business with each of you again in the future.


Scott and Kelly, I want to express by appreciation for your consistently professional interactions with us as we completed the application process. Each of you were available to us as needed. Scott ‘held my hand’ and answered all my questions. Kelly was efficient and updated us with information. Thank you for making this purchase happen. We are really celebrating about our new home and are very excited to start spending some time in Delray. Because of you, Rob and I are on our way to realizing phase 1 of our retirement plans. Thank you, thank you!! All the best.


Scott and Kelly, I wish to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided. You have indeed surpassed my expectations, specifically with professionalism and promptness of response. You are both very knowledgeable and you have earned my trust throughout this process. Thank you for responding to my numerous emails, almost immediately- every time! To me, that was invaluable and I really appreciated it, especially when it was urgent. You are true professionals and good people who understand how to not only make your client feel good, but get the job done! To everyone else, I most highly recommend Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. to ANYONE seeking to purchase a new home. They have thoroughly kept me informed throughout the process, which at times can seem daunting, and they have answered and explained my questions time and time again. They know exactly how the process works, and are thorough and reliable, and most importantly ALWAYS seem available. I cannot imagine a company better then Ace Mortgage Loan Corp.


Kelly, Thank you so much for all of your patience and hard work that you dedicated to us. You don’t know how much we appreciate all you did for us, your attention every step of the way through the process was simply amazing. Thank you for the opportunity that you gave us, we are extremely grateful for all of it. I will not hesitate to refer any friends and family to Ace Mortgage, your professionalism was A+

Kathryn CLIENT

Thank you Kelly for the most AWESOME news. I have tears of joy running down my face. I can’t thank you enough for hanging in there with me and not giving up. We did prevail! You make things happen and I so love you for it. I can be flexible to sign what is required at your convenience. Thank you again for the great news.


I closed on my new home today and could not be happier. It was a very bumpy road, but Kelly Ardito from Ace Mortgage got me there and at low rate. Anyone looking to buy a home or looking to refinance, do yourself and favor and call the professional that got me my mortgage. I never met Kelly prior to this transaction, but cannot say enough good things about her. She stood by me through the whole transaction, there were no surprises from her end and she communicated better than anyone that I have ever dealt with in the past. Thank you Kelly!!!


Again, I cannot thank you enough… After I close today, the first thing I am going to do is post on Facebook that I finally bought a house and include your name and your number in my post. I hope to get you so many referrals that you won’t know what to do with them….. Several years ago I sold real estate and as a result dealt with many mortgage brokers both personally and professionally. You have truly been the best, even if this loan did not go through, I would still feel this way. Your constant communication, knowledge and experience made this transaction enjoyable despite the bumps in the road. Thank you

Matthew CLIENT

Scott, I’ve been in business since I’m 8 years old and I recognize good quality work when I see it. In South FLA it unfortunately has become extremely hard to source. If you do find people that do what they say ( like you & Kelly) you guard that and share or refer to others. Just doing what I say in business, community and Family has made me very successful. Anyhow, let’s chat again soon and get me Pre-Approved for a starter mortgage in which I do not need a huge down payment. I’m looking to close on a mort in Dec or Jan. a lot for me will depend on the down payment. We will need to discuss


Thank you Scott, You and your team are excellent and highly professional, I wish that 5 years ago when I had my mortgage business that was running for 10 years, I found you so all my 15 loan officers and Realtors and myself would be still in business today, even my title company which i owned as well at that time. I am looking forward to direct all my actual and prospect clients to Ace Mortgage.


Thank you Scott. I have told Micha that once he deals with you, he won’t need to go anywhere else because of your exceptional service. I’m saying it from experience working with you and from what my others friends said after you helped them too.


Scott and Kelly – job well done! 😃☺
Thank you so very much for putting up with me and getting this transaction fot close – FHA in the middle of Covid-19 epidemic! You guys are the bomb and I will recommend you for future transactions. Please stay well and be safe.


Thank you for reaching out. That is very much appreciated. Ms. Kelly Ardito did a great job! She explained everything in multiple ways to help me fully understand the information I was asking about and answers that she had given me.
She did also explain different scenarios dealing with rates, mortgages, closing cost, taxes, including the many ways to purchase homes through real estate agency’s or private property owner’s and much more. She also followed up with emails involving any home inquiries, purchasing, and how it all breaks down in the end. She also informed me I was able to call morning to night if I had further questions. Very pleased with your representative Kelly Ardito. Patient, professional, understanding, information given with clarity to reduce any confusion or concerns, and happy to answer any and all questions I had. Overall satisfaction scaling 1-10, I would give her a 10 out of 10 for being simply awesome at her job!

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