Plantation in Broward County is really one of the best places to live in Florida! In Plantation the grass really is greener! As most homeowners, residents will attest to all the amenities that you and your family will ever need. Plantation offers safety, above average public schools, the best of both country and city living, and gorgeous, sunny weather. It is no surprise that people rarely want to leave Plantation.

With Ace Mortgage Loan Corp., you not only get such obvious local Plantation enthusiasts, but trusted partners to guide you through the process of getting the best home mortgage. Our family is comprised of experienced, highly trained and professional staff that can help you navigate the vast world of Plantation mortgages. We take care of your mortgage needs so you don’t have to worry and can spend your time finding just the right home for you and your family.

Our Ace Mortgage specialists help you work with multiple mortgages and top lenders to find your perfect mortgage, and all of your best options for home financing in Plantation. We work with many different mortgage types, including a full range of products, such as FHA loans, VA loans, rural home loans and many more that are all tailored to suit your short and long-term goals.

May Mortgage Month: Plantation Florida

Finding a mortgage in Plantation in May is actually a very opportune time. The housing market gets a lot busier during the months of March through June, and during these four months, more than half of the United States home sales take place. The housing market got a somewhat late start this year, due to the severe weather most of the country is experiencing. Before anyone can sell their home in Florida by putting it on the market, they need to have a new place to move to; and the restless weather has made it extremely difficult for people to go “house-hunting” outside of Florida, leaving many shoppers and home sellers frustrated.

Thanks to some outstanding mortgage rates, it looks like Plantation home shoppers are in for a peachy homebuyers season! Most of the time, those who are eager to purchase a home are looking forward to locking on a good mortgage rate before the borrowing costs rise. Just a few years ago, Fannie Mae stated that the average U.S. mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 4.4%. According to the latest survey of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders done by Bankrate, as of May 2019, the classic 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 3.99 percent with an APR of 4.11 percent, while the average 15-year fixed rate is 3.45 percent with an APR of 3.65 percent.

These jaw-droppingly low rates on mortgages are tempting even the most cautious borrowers to take the plunge and try to get a loan to buy a home in Plantation, or refinance the ones they have. If you are a first-time homebuyer living or looking in the South Florida area of Plantation, and you are looking for the mortgage that fits you best, call Ace Mortgage Loan Corporation today and we can assist you with your outstanding home loan, no matter what time of year or weather.

Lock in Great Rates: Mortgages Plantation Florida

Of all the many types of consumer loan rates, mortgage rates can be the most confusing to understand, especially on top of the stress of home shopping and home buying. In addition, mortgage rates vary based upon ‘cost,’ so on any given day, there are a few interest rates available. It’s not usually a black and white choice, which is why it is important to work with the outstanding lenders at Ace Mortgage who will help you make the right one.

If you are shopping for a new mortgage loan or to refinance your current loan in Plantation, be sure to ask about points and closing costs as well as the interest rate. We are here to offer you as many options as possible, and we don’t give up. By working with the most popular mortgage types on the market, our mortgage brokers help you get the very best option available. You can make one trip to our Ace Mortgage office and work with one mortgage specialist to understand all of your ideal mortgage options.

For unparalleled service and expertise, come visit us, or give us a call, and find out just how quickly you could be living in your own home in Plantation!

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