Is it time to Refinance Your Pompano Beach Mortgage?

It’s the holiday season once again and that means everyone has a lot on their plate both literally and figuratively! Rather than load up with another scoop of mashed potatoes, why not take on a project that can save you money on your mortgage payments every month? The beginning of November saw a decline in the average rates of fixed rate 30 year mortgages and that’s great news for homeowners looking for mortgage services in Pompano Beach. For the first time in over a year, the average interest rate dropped below 4% and that means it’s a great time to consider refinancing. If you secured a mortgage loan in Pompano Beach when the rates were above 4%, refinancing might be a good idea. Only Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. can assist with mortgage refinancing with a commitment to customer service that can’t be matched. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Ace Mortgage can help you refinance your Pompano Beach mortgage without all the hassle that usually accompanies dealing with a loan. Call Ace Mortgage today and get started with a professional mortgage company.

When it comes to refinancing, there are several things to consider before jumping into a new interest rate, no matter how amazingly low it might be. First things first is knowing what the fees are going to be. A mortgage broker can help you determine what your new monthly payment will be following a refinance while factoring in the cost of getting things like new credit reports, title insurance, an appraisal and more. These fees are necessary, but you want to make sure they won’t negate all the money you’re saving because then a refinance might not be worth it. Usually if you’re cutting your rate by more than 1% then you’ll save in the long run. Anything less than that and a refinance isn’t really worth your time or effort. You can have your Pompano Beach mortgage broker help determine if a refinance is the right move for you at the current time.

Whenever you choose to start the process of refinancing your Pompano Beach mortgage, it helps to have the experts at Ace Mortgage Loan Corp. working on your side. With a strong dedication to customer service and support, Ace can help make your refinancing as quick and easy as possible. It’s always smart to shop around and find the best company, but call or stop by Ace today and you’ll quickly see why they’re one of the top mortgage brokers in Pompano Beach. Call today and get started!

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