Are you looking for a home mortgage in Boca Raton? Do you feel like everything you read is confusing? Are you unsure of what loan works best for you? At Ace Mortgage Corp., we’re here to offer the residents of South Florida assistance when it comes to choosing their perfect home mortgage. Operating since 1996, we’ve watched as the market has grown and shifted over the years, yet, our quality advice, guidance, and pristine customer relationships have given us a trusted name, and reputable businesses.

What To Know About Choosing A Home Mortgage In Boca Raton

The first step in choosing a home mortgage is deciding whether or not you’re interested in a fixed-rate loan, or an adjustable-rate loan. Though the interest rate is lower on an adjustable-rate loan, many individuals prefer the stability of their fixed monthly payments. Consistency offers peace of mind that many new homebuyers value. However, all individuals are different, and the lower interest rate may be the most important priority!

The next step in choosing the appropriate home mortgage in Boca Raton for you is to decide which home mortgage plan fits your personal needs. It’s important also to consider how much money you’ve borrowed to finance the home, how much the lending company charges for the loan, interest rates, and what the process of returning those funds looks like. Here are a few popular loans to choose from:

  • FHA Loans
  • HARP Loans
  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
  • VA Loans
  • Conventional Loans

Each of these loans varies in interest rates, credit score qualifications, income requirements, and more. Understanding your current economic position helps to make the loan search smoother. However, we know that this can be a process and relatively confusing. Offering years of experience and expertise, we’ve created a safe space for our clients to explore options. If you’re looking for a home mortgage in Boca Raton, Ace Mortgage Corp. has the answers to your mortgage questions. Choosing your loan from a trusted lender, and know that you’ve made the right choice! Call (954)-777-4774 today!

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