Delray Beach Residents Think Mortgage Servicers are Getting Better

Homeowners in Delray Beach and other cities in South Florida as well as in the rest of the United States seem to be thinking that mortgage services are getting better. There is a growing number of homeowners who believe that the companies that are collecting mortgage payments are doing better as a whole. People are getting satisfied. That’s a relief. J.D. Power conducted a study in late July of this year and it measured consumer satisfaction with mortgage services. There were four factors that were closely researched: the billing and payment process, escrow account administration, website, and phone contact. On a 1,000 point-scale system, the overall consumer satisfaction was 754 in this year’s survey. That is impressive. It is better than last year’s overall score of just 733.

The question is asked by many – why are consumers happier this year with their mortgage services? It’s quite simple. More borrowers were able to refinance their mortgages to lower their payments. Generally, the state of Florida has multiple opportunities at low mortgage rates. More homeowners in Delray Beach are satisfied with the improvements of the housing market. Craig Martin, director of the mortgage practice at J.D. Power, says that mortgage lenders and mortgage services have invested in technology, investing more in technology. They have improved their mobile websites and apps, making it easier for consumers to get the answers they are seeking. Mortgage companies in Delray Beach, FL have invested in the phone sector and now borrowers are able to get a live contract over the phone.

Delray Beach residents and homeowners are satisfied with the mortgage services who are behind their mortgage payments. The J.D. Power satisfaction survey also displayed the satisfaction rates among risk-consumers; they went up 42 points from last year’s score of 703. With the new pressure mortgage services have ensured with new mortgage servicing rules and court settlements, they have kept themselves together and have done a better job at communicating with their borrowers, especially those in default.

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